Local Market, 701 Whaley St, Columbia, SC

A perfect example of Spirit Of Place:

Local Market, 701 Whaley St, Columbia, South Carolina

Lavender gelato, lemonade squeezed right in front of your eyes, warm blueberry donuts, eclectic handmade jewelry, bacon from pasture raised pigs, roasting coffee and smiling faces; this is the Local Market on Saturday mornings in Columbia.

Local Market is a good example of a type of intentional community that has gone very, very right.

Under the leadership of Emile DeFelice the market has gone from some tables set up in alternating parking lots to a permanent home at 701 Whaley St.

The Market is more than just a place to purchase handmade and locally produced goods. While the pork, poultry, local honey and produce is some of the best you can buy anywhere what is more important is the Spirit Of Place created at Local Market; you can feel it the minute that you walk on to the grounds.

The smell of blueberries and coffee, dogs on leashes, a guitar playing, baby in the stroller with a dripping gelato cone, breakfast on the porch, and a shared bottle of cider in champagne glasses. The Local Market has a heartbeat shared by kindred spirits; it is a place to nourish the soul as well as the body.


Pilates Classes Sumter

I accidentally stumbled into a Pilates class while looking for something else. "Why not?" I thought. I was hooked after my first class! Instructor Angie Freeman creates a relaxing atmosphere and slowly leads everyone through an easy to follow series of exercises.

For me, one of the big advantages is the 1 hour workout. On my own I can never manage to keep going for more than 15 or 20 minutes - but with Angie guiding the exercises an hour has past and I haven't even realized it nor do I feel tired and exhausted. After class I always feel refreshed, toned and energetic.

Angie's classes are perfect for all ages and levels of fitness; she ensures that each person is challenged according to what their body is capable of. And you can't beat the price - $30 per month.

To inquire about class times and dates go to the following link .

Automotive Sumter South Carolina

Some years ago I asked a co-worker who used to live in Sumter "Are there ANY auto-mechanics in Sumter that I can trust?!?".

My co-worker recommended Frasier Tire on East Liberty St in Sumter. He used to work there when he was in college and told me to go see Patrick.

Now I would have never thought to go to a Tire store for all of my automotive needs but now days I wouldn't even dream of going anywhere else. My husband and I have a variety of vehicles, from brand new to way past ancient. Patrick, Randy, David and the rest of the guys take care of us like we are family. Frasier Tire gets my highest recommendation.


Poultry Beef Darlington South Carolina

Oaklyn Plantation is my source for healthy chicken and beef. My husband and I visited the farm when we placed our first order for hamburger and assorted cuts of beef. Raising animals in a healthy natural environment is very labor intensive and the owner, David, doesn't have a lot of spare time on his hands. But he was kind enough to take us on a tour of the farm to show us every aspect of the operation.

All of the pastures are carefully managed to ensure that all of the nutrients the animals need are available in the plants they eat - as nature intended. In contrast to modern feedlots, David's animals can go for a stroll, find a tree trunk for a nice scratch, or lay out in the sun and snooze. Two mountainous Great Pyrenees Dogs guard the poultry from predators as they scratch and peck their way around the pasture.

Over the course of the last 15 years or so modern commercially raised meat has turned into an unrecognizable 'meat-like' substance full of antibiotics and hormones. It is so encouraging to know that there are people like David at Oaklyn Plantation that are still practicing responsible animal husbandry.

You can order online, or pick up Oaklyn Plantation Meat and various local markets. I pick mine up when I visit the Columbia Local Market on Whaley St on Saturday morning. When I serve hamburger from Oaklyn Plantation I never have to wonder - I know I am feeding a healthy nutritious food.