Pilates Classes Sumter

I accidentally stumbled into a Pilates class while looking for something else. "Why not?" I thought. I was hooked after my first class! Instructor Angie Freeman creates a relaxing atmosphere and slowly leads everyone through an easy to follow series of exercises.

For me, one of the big advantages is the 1 hour workout. On my own I can never manage to keep going for more than 15 or 20 minutes - but with Angie guiding the exercises an hour has past and I haven't even realized it nor do I feel tired and exhausted. After class I always feel refreshed, toned and energetic.

Angie's classes are perfect for all ages and levels of fitness; she ensures that each person is challenged according to what their body is capable of. And you can't beat the price - $30 per month.

To inquire about class times and dates go to the following link http://www.sumter-academy-karate.net/matureadult.htm .

Automotive Sumter South Carolina

Some years ago I asked a co-worker who used to live in Sumter "Are there ANY auto-mechanics in Sumter that I can trust?!?".

My co-worker recommended Frasier Tire on East Liberty St in Sumter. He used to work there when he was in college and told me to go see Patrick.

Now I would have never thought to go to a Tire store for all of my automotive needs but now days I wouldn't even dream of going anywhere else. My husband and I have a variety of vehicles, from brand new to way past ancient. Patrick, Randy, David and the rest of the guys take care of us like we are family. Frasier Tire gets my highest recommendation.