Pilates Classes Sumter

I accidentally stumbled into a Pilates class while looking for something else. "Why not?" I thought. I was hooked after my first class! Instructor Angie Freeman creates a relaxing atmosphere and slowly leads everyone through an easy to follow series of exercises.

For me, one of the big advantages is the 1 hour workout. On my own I can never manage to keep going for more than 15 or 20 minutes - but with Angie guiding the exercises an hour has past and I haven't even realized it nor do I feel tired and exhausted. After class I always feel refreshed, toned and energetic.

Angie's classes are perfect for all ages and levels of fitness; she ensures that each person is challenged according to what their body is capable of. And you can't beat the price - $30 per month.

To inquire about class times and dates go to the following link http://www.sumter-academy-karate.net/matureadult.htm .

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